Mr. Daniel G. Cohen

Mr. Daniel G. Cohen is the founder of Cohen Brothers LLC in 1999 which now operates under the name Institutional Financial Markets Inc (IFMI), a leading US financial investment firm (NYSE: IFMI). Mr. Cohen is the Chairman and CEO of IFMI which is the holding company of CCFL. In addition, Mr. Cohen is the Chief Investment Officer of the Asset Management Division with $5.9 billion AuM.

Mr. Cohen served as a director of Star Asia Finance, Limited, or Star Asia, a permanent capital vehicle investing in Asian commercial real estate, until the Company’s sale of its interest in Star Asia on February 20, 2014. Mr. Cohen previously served as Chief Executive Officer of RAIT Financial Trust (NYSE: RAS), a real estate finance company focused on the commercial real estate industry, from December 2006 when it merged with Taberna Realty Finance Trust to February 2009, and served as a trustee from the date RAIT acquired Taberna until his resignation from that position on February 26, 2010. Mr. Cohen was Chairman of the board of trustees of Taberna Realty Finance Trust from its inception in March 2005 until December 2006 and its Chief Executive Officer from March 2005 to December 2006. From 1998 to 2000, Mr. Cohen served as the Chief Operating Officer of Resource America Inc., a publicly traded asset management company with interests in energy, real estate and financial services.

Mr. Cohen served as a director of Muni Funding Company of America, LLC, a company investing in middle-market non-profit organizations until it merged with Tiptree Financial Partners, L.P. in June 2011. Since 2000, Mr. Cohen has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBBK), a holding company for The Bancorp Bank, which provides various commercial and retail banking products and services to small and mid-size businesses and their principals in the United States. From 1997 to 1999, Mr. Cohen was a director of Jefferson Bank of Pennsylvania, a commercial bank acquired by Hudson United Bancorp in 1999. Mr. Cohen is a member of the Academy of the University of Pennsylvania, a member of the Visiting Committees for the Humanities and a member of the Paris Center of the University of Chicago.